The goal of this work package (WP) is to specify the content of the curricula to be developed (project curriculum and adapted curricula). The project curriculum is a general curriculum addressing the needs of the consortium as a whole (it is a sort of baseline curriculum based on existing Best Practices). Each partner university may then select appropriate parts of the project curriculum and include it in their own adapted curricula.

In this task, each partner university analyses their current curriculum and their existing courses in order to identify components that may become part of the project curriculum.

State of the the art analysis of existing SDI-related course materials including open learning materials (e.g. from LINKVIT) and available technical infrastructures.

A survey is carried out among the major NSDI stakeholders in the partner countries, concerning their needs. The survey will be conducted via online channels.

Based on T1.1 to T1.3, the project curriculum is specified. In this process, active participation from the NMCA’s and professional associations are needed, in order to assure that the project curricula complies with the societal needs. In this process, the GI-N2K curriculum design tools which are making use of a new version of the Body of Knowledge for GI Science & Technology (might) be used.

Task is to identify which modifications are necessary to localise curricula in respective partner country in relation to national practices and specific situations. The adaptation specification should 

a) demonstrate how to derive domain specific adaptation of the core curricula and 

b) provide the basis for user-centric SDI education.