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Q4 BESTSDI workshop in Nikšić
by Vesna Poslončec-Petrić - Saturday, 9 September 2017, 7:27 PM

Dear colleagues,
We are inviting you to Q4 workshop in Nikšić and submitting Final program of the event.

Additionally we are submitting list of participants which should attend workshop obligatory (PMB members or their appointed replacements) and List of project members which we would recommend to participate at the workshop due to the work in task groups.

Note also, that for most of the partners sufficient funding is ensured, so use this funding and come to Nikšić.

Best regards,

Vesna Poslončec-Petrić

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5th BESTSDI Workshop - Niksic
by Vesna Poslončec-Petrić - Sunday, 6 August 2017, 1:29 PM
Dear colleagues,
The 5th BESTSDI Workshop will be held in Niksic (Montenegro) at the Faculty of Philosophy (address: Danila Bojovića bb, 81400 Niksic).

Our host partner, proposes accommodation in Hotel Onogošt.

For the participants of the BESTSDI workshop we received a special offer:
  • Bed and breakfast in single room = 24 €
  • Bed and breakfast in double and triple rooms = 19 €
  • Parking and wi-fi are included in the price.
For more information, please feel free to contact our colleague Dusko Vujacic (e-mail:, GSM: +38267824170).

See you soon in Nikšić!

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BESTSDI Newsletter, No.01
by Vesna Poslončec-Petrić - Tuesday, 1 August 2017, 2:10 PM

Dear colleagues,
The first issue of BESTSDI newspaper was published.
Here you can download the attachment.

Contributions for BESTSDI Newsletter No.2, should be sent to: and

Best regards,