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BESTSDI & NatRisk Final Conference
by Vesna Poslončec-Petrić - Thursday, 8 August 2019, 2:26 PM

After three years of hard and successful work two Erasmus+ Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education projects, BESTSDI and NatRisk are coming to its end. The results achieve will be presented at the joint BESTSDI & NatRisk Final Conference of those two projects at the University of...

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Q11 BESTSDI workshop minutes
by Vesna Poslončec-Petrić - Friday, 26 July 2019, 4:28 PM

Dear colleagues,

Attach to this news, please find Q11 BESTSDI workshop meeting minutes which was held in Podgorica (July, 8-10, 2019).

All other materials are available at:


Best regards,
Vesna Poslončec-Petrić

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Q11 BESTSDI workshop - Agenda
by Vesna Poslončec-Petrić - Thursday, 4 July 2019, 9:01 PM

Dear colleagues,
I'm looking forward to see you in next Q11 BESTSDI workshop which will take place on July, 8-10, 2019 in Podgorica.

Attached please find the workshop's agenda.

Have a safe trip to Podgorica!

Best regards,