The main objective of WP3 is to define and implement quality assurance measures which ensure that the project meets its goals in the given timeframe and that the results will have an expected impact. 

The main objective of this task is to elaborate the QAP (Quality Assurance Plan).  This plan specifies the procedures to be applied in T3.2 & T3.3. Depending on the type of project results, different quality assurance routines will be specified, based on internal as well as external reviews. In addition, project success indicators specified in the Logical Framework Matrix (LFM) and impact indicators specified in section G of this proposal will be used as a basis for continuous evaluation of the progress of the project.

The Evaluation plan, as a part of QAP, covers all the evaluation methods to be used for the different work packages. The Plan will be able to use ba anyone (partners, teachers, learners and other stakeholders) involved in the project, and be clear as to what is happening in terms of monitoring and evaluation.

The indicators will be permanently monitored through internal monthly reporting schemes and the procedures specified in D3.1. For every monitoring parameter each six months current status of impact monitoring will be published using reports, charts, maps, explanations and progress indicators to see how the overall target is being fulfilled.